Help with shoe's

I need help. Does anyone know of any comfortable diabetic mens dress shoe's. Maybe someone has had some luck with a certain brand. In store or online?

What's a diabetic shoe?

They are made to let your feet breath better and are built to keep the stress off of them.

I was thinking the exact same thing.. I wear Skating shoes (more padding and to me more comfortable) and I just got into the Vibram 5 finger shoes (literally bare feet). I have heard of Diabetic Socks, but not any shoe... I'd say just go to any place that sells Dress shoes and try them all on.. See which one is more comfortable to you or even which one breaths a bit better then others.

That's really i could offer on this one :


I don't wear men's dress shoes. (; But, maybe one of those shoe store that have "comfortable" shoes? (Comfort One or something?)