Hello, I am a volunteer for JDRF in Orange County. I am working on a project to promote A JDRF Dream Gala to raise more funds for type-1 research.

I just need a few of you to take a few minutes of time to maybe do an email survey or a short phone conversation about your life with type-1 in order to help raise awareness about the importance disease.

Please let me know if any one is willing to help.

Thank You

Tommy Williams

my email is if i can help in any way. =]


i will help my e-mail is =]

Ill answer any questions I can

Hi Tommy,

I'd be happy to help you out!  Keep in mind that I am located in Canada (just in case that makes a difference).  My email:


any time,

I was just diagnosed a little over a month ago...but, If I could help I'm willing

My email is...

Anytime, my email is

I would anytime.