i've had diabetes for 4 years and im still on shots. :( i used to do it in my legs all the time no i dont anymore at all and i still  have theses bumps! any ideas how to get read of them?

I had the same problem when I was younger.  I tended to localize my injections for too long and ended up with lumps under the skin.  Eventually I spread the wealth and they went away on their own since I no longer used a small space for my injections.

Are you using a pork or beef insulin?  I used to do nothing but thigh shots as a child, but I was also on pork insulin (this was prior to the dawn of Human recombinant insulins).  I had the knottiest legs.  They went away (I can't remember how long it took, months maybe) when I reverted to arms and butt.

hi Jessica - I guess 2 out of 2 Joe's agree the bumps go away with time.

Hi Robert.... I think beef/pork insulin hasn't been available in the us since about 1999...  human rDNA insulin can also cause lipoatrophy but it think it's more rare.


I used to have them on my stomach because I did a lot of shots there.  I stopped and went to legs.  Now I've got some there.  I've recently started going back to arms some.  They do go away after a while if you lay off of that spot.

Yeah, I certainly haven't seen or heard of it.  There is none in the hospital, for sure.  But worldwide, I wonder sometimes if it might not exist more commonly somewhere?

Yes. It is still available in Europe. To get it here in the states it is a long process filled with lots of paper work, that's if you can find a doctor who will even sign for it.

I have those bumps too, because i used to do all my pump sites and shots on my stomach.  Pretty much, they get better with time and a lot of rotation.  Also, sometimes lotion helps.

What happened was the scar tissue built up so it became lumps under your skin. I'm not sure what you can really do about it but good luck !!