Hello. I am a single parent with a four year old son with diabetes. I'm having trouble managing his blood sugars and i cant get him  to gain weight because of his highs any suggestion?

Have you read the book Think Like a Pancreas? It is excellent for helping the reader understand lots of factors that go into managing blood sugar. 

It was a real help for us and our child. 

im not sure but he should start gaining more wait after his blood sugar is under control

Thanks Terry where can i find this book? Its been a struggle for me because sometimes i have to make him eat.

Thats the problem Jozef I cant seem to keep it under control and when i do have it under control he stills ends up out of whack when he goes to the babysitters while i work. You know most people arent gonna put in the effort to take care of your child like the parent would.

sorry, but i cant help u thier

Here you go. It is really a great book to help you understand diabetes. When you understand it better you will help your son get better control.

How often are you able to check in with his endo? If they have a nurse practitioner, sometimes she may have more openings. As children grow, their insulin needs change, so it sounds like you guys could use some more help than you're getting in adjusting his doses. At least, I'd put in a call and send them some recent BG's. Good luck!

Actually as soon as they put him on the pump in Jan his Endo died and it kind of put us behind because we had to find another doctor and since we dont have any endo here we have to drive two hrs away so all of our previous dr patient had to find new doctors so my next appt is next week so its been almost three month ive been on my own.