Does anybody here have any sets they can spare, im on my last one and dont get anymore until next month. I use the 6 mm 397 quickset for my pump. 23 inch tubing but it dont really matter at this point about tubing length. I helped my sis out she was out last month and i gave her a box of mine. I thought i could make it with what i had but i cant and if anybody could help i have some lancets extra but thats about all i have, i always have too many lancets and they just accumulate like crazy. Thanks and anythings appreciated :slight_smile:

Call your pump manufacturer, local pump rep, and doctor’s office ASAP. Beg them for supplies. Just explain that you ran out and don’t give details.

When your doctor writes the next prescription have him/her write it for at least a box extra each order. You need some spares in case you have a bad set, have a bad site, there’s a natural disaster in your area that prevents mail delivery for a while, etc.