Well I thought I was doing pretty good. Except that I can't gain any weight! No matter what I eat I can't gain any. All my friends are trying to loose weight and are eating salads while I'm sutffing my face with greasy cheese burgers and french fries. They're so jealous of me! Does anyone have any ways or tips I can use to help me gain weight? Any and all comments will be welcome! 

The types of foods you are eating are not the type of foods you should be eating. Yeah they will make you gain weight eventually, but these types of foods will lead to other complications later on like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. Try eating food high in protein and do things that will help you build muscle. How old are you? It may be that your body is still growing. As you get older you will find that you do gain weight. 

I'm 13 and I won't be growing any taller. Right now I'm 5'1" 1/2 inches. It's pretty much the tallest I'll be. I do eat foods high in protein too. I eat alot of fish and meat like that. I also lift weights but it hasn't really been helping. I excersise alot. I love to run. I also play soccer, flag football, run. I try to stay as active as I can. I also eat pretty healthy.

Gaining/losing weight has everything to do with your metabolism.  Your metabolism is really quick to process the food you eat, so that is why you are thin. 

May I ask why you want to gain weight?  Honestly I'd just eat as healthy as you can, remain active, and ride it out.  There's no need to force your body to gain weight--weight gain often leads to insulin resistence anyway, and you don't want that.


I want to gain just a little bit of weight probably like 5 pounds so I'll weigh 90lbs. I know I don't want insulin resistance. I just want to get a little bigger. I don't really know why though. I just do. I know it's weird but .....

You gotta have really good control before you start to gain or lose weight.  I had trouble forever gaining weight, but once I took all the fast foods and greasy foods out of my diet, I noticed my weight gradually going up, and at your age lifting weights and all of that stuff isnt going to show you weight gain, you are too young and your body is still growing.  The simple way is calories, you have to take in more than you burn in order to gain weight, and it sounds like you are pretty active, next time you go to the endo see if you can talk to a dietition and they can probably help you a lot with figuring out what to do about this.

so since Im not a dietition I cant really say much about it other than you gotta eat the right kind of foods and be healthy, this all comes from experience.

I can relate a little, though not D. I was really skinny as a teenager and loved sports too. I am 6'0'' tall, but only weighed about 115 lbs most of high school. It makes it harder to play sports when you're thin because you get knocked around a lot more, and are just not as strong as many of the other girls. I have learned I just have a great metabolism - which I appreciate now that I am 31, but did not love because I could not gain weight then. Make sure you work with a dietician on a diet that is right, esp. considering the D. Realize that it will take some time to gain the weight. I know my weight lifting husband swears by the protein shakes (I think they taste terrible) for weight and muscle building gain. Don't worry about your friends wanting to lose weight - just consider yourself lucky and chow down on the foods you and your dietician decide are right for you! :)

As long as your healthy weight is not a big deal. I am 20 years old and have weighed the same amount for years! I was your size when I was that young. You probably just have a high metabolism.