My sugars have been kinda out of my range lately, and I'm not sure if I should change my insulin to carb ratio first, or bumb up my basal rate.

What do you think!?


I think you need more information.  Have you re-tested your basal lately to see if it's accurate?  The method that Gina mentioned in one of her blogs has been one of my favorites (read I have found it to work, not that I enjoy it) - and that is the 24 hour fast. 

I would get your doctor and/or diabetes educator involved as you review your numbers and your settings. 

It's hard for me to offer up much more information because you don't say how often you are testing, what times you are noticing problems with your sugars, whether you have had any activity, diet or other medication changes - allergies... 

Good luck and don't panic.  If you take your time, gather your data and get your care professionals involved, you will find the answers you need.



(A lot of words for very little insight, eh? - sorry about that!)


I think the best thing you can do is to talk to your doctor, he will give you the best advice.


I agree with Gina. Messing with the Basal and insulin to carb ratio settings is not always the greatest idea. If I do any major switches I talk to my doctor first. The doctor is the best person when it comes to messing with this stuff.