i need help for my stubbron 16 yr old diabetic that refuses to take insulin refuses to take blood sugars refuses to eat right refuses to listen to anything his dad or i have to say i am so stressed about it i do not know where to go doctors dont help i need help bad

I wish that would not happen for you. When was he diagnosed? Has he had it long? Do you know anyone else his age who has it? My thoughts are if he could talk to someone a little older that has went through this and has seen the negative side effects that it may help. I worry about this also. My child is only 7 but 16 will be here before we know it. I try to talk to him alot about when it will be his turn to make all the choices and how important it will be to make the right ones.  I know it is not alot of help, but all I can offer is prayers and hope for you.

Does he get on this site? They have a teen section. Maybe they could help. I don't know.

My daughter is almost 16 and also recently diagnosed (Jan 29, 09).  I know that she has had bad moments with this disease, right now she is okay with testing and insulin, but I too as well as my husband try to talk to her at times and she gets mad and says were too paranoid especially about foods/carbs and portions.  I get very stressed out too!  

I don't know where you are located but here in Colorado there is the Barbara Davis Center in Aurora.  They are totally awesome with our family.  Here is the phone number maybe someone there can refer you to someone in your area. 303-724-2323 (main #) maybe they can have you speak with a social worker or nutritionist.

I am from the new orleans area and since old katrina things here have not gotten any better for anyone with medical problems but i am going to try something new with the doctors at his next apt to try to get more help in our area for these kids and there familys i am hopefuul i can get the help he needs and many kids like him.