Here I am with ANOTHER question! Sorry, Ladies!

I am invited to a bridal shower this weekend and I looked on the calandar to see what time it was, and I got to thinking.....I was supposed to have my period 2 days ago. I counted about 7 times to make sure. I am 2 days late. I remember my gyno telling me, "even if you a a day late, test". So, I went to Walgreens, bought a pregnancy test, did my thing and got a big fat NEGATIVE. We haven't exactly been trying, but we haven't exaclty been preventing either, we were just planning trying in a month or two. So, even if I was pregnant, we would still be very happy. WHAT I'M WONDERING, though, is why is my normally predictable, to the day--and almost HOUR, period 2 days late and the test was negative? Did my ovlulation day change? What's going on??? I'm not stressed, which I know can cause a delayed period. I have the 2nd test from the box on standby and was going to try again in a few days, just in case the ovum is fertilized and it just isn't producing enough of the hormone for the test to pick up. Any advice? I feel like I have been on this website 24/7 lately, so please excuse all my posts!! With my luck, after posting this, I will probably get my period within a few hours....haha.




You probably already know this, but using first morning urine can make the world of difference. When I first tested I got a faint positive in the morning, and then re-tested later in the day and got a negative.

Ahhh I remember that feeling. The waiting is the hardest part! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it was just a little early. my period this morning. It's okay. I have to keep in mind that I work with a group of girls, and I am no longer on birth control! All of the estrogen probably threw me off! Now I have to keep track of it and find out when I ovulate again! =S We'll get there =)