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As a type one diabetic of nine plus years, I've been through all the trials and tribulations. I'm now 18, on the verge of making an important college decision while balancing a steady workload of commitments in journalism. I wanted my first post on here to be not about me, but about how to better serve the growing Juvenile Diabetic Community. With that said, if anyone has any questions or needs guidance, feel free to reply to this post. I haven't opened up about the disease much, but its a new year and I'm a new person. 


Sounds like you've set some personal goals and commitments to the new year - awesome!  Are you on a pump, multiple daily injections, or a hybrid?  

The journalism thing sounds like a great fit - any chance you're planning on covering medical news/research/etc?

I look forward to seeing more of your posts and hearing a bit more about your journey.




Thanks for the reply, I am on multiple daily injections(still) but I have considered the pump. As far as journalism, I am just looking to gain experience, so I have covered everything from movies to food, but medical news is indeed a possibility.definitely look forward to contributing more on here.

AnthonyCave1 -

Plenty of places to contribute, I don't expect you'll have to look through the forums or groups too long before you find topics and discussions to which you can add appreciably...

Look forward to seeing you around the posts.



Hello Anthony and any other teens reading this post.

I have been asked to speak at a JDRF family weekend to a group of parents & teens with type I about the healthcare management system I have developed. It is a system that anyone with any medical condition can use to track all of their medical information in a way that helps improve communication with their doctor and coordinate all of their health care (not just diabetes) over time.

I have 2 sisters and a nephew with Type I and I have blood sugar-related metabolic issues that don't have a name, so I have some good insights into the struggles with the disease and the relationships between teens and parents. But, to do a good job of speaking to the audience's needs I'd appreciate anything you'd like to share with regards to:

Parental involvement in the management of your disease - the good, the bad, the ugly.

  • Things you wish your parents would / wouldn't do
  • Things you wish your parents would / wouldn't do to let go of control and let you take control ( if this is an issue)
  • Anything that comes to mind that would give me insight to managing during your teen years
  • Your comfort level about being able to overseee your overall health when you leave home
  • Emotiional / relationship issues
  • Anything else you'd like to share.

Thank you in advance. I appreciate your help,


This sounds like a very interesting and somewhat ambitious project - I expect it well deserves its own post, as it may get lost as a reply to this one...



Margo, there have also been some past threads which may be of some use to you.


(I just did a search for "parents" on the site.)

Thank you Sarah. This was very helpful. Parent - tee relationships can be very delicate and I want to make sure I ubderstand both side as I prepare my talk.