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I have had diabetes for 14 years of my life, I have always struggle with it, but I know from experience what it is like to burn out. I have been through it many times to the point that I have been in in out of the hospital way to often. Honestly I’m a bit surprised that I am alive, but I have many stories of what I have gone through. I want to let people know that they should avoid all of the mistakes I have done in the past, I want to let people know that this is a disease that may make life harder, but they can fight it. This disease does not control us, but we can live a fulfilling life. If anybody wants to talk, I’d love to listen and help the best I can.

@Aflowers304 hi Austriana!

i am really happy you found us and can participate here! We can always use a person with your experience and point of view. Hope to see you around the site! Cheers,

Thank you for your kind words Joe. :slight_smile:

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Austriana @Aflowers304 it is nice to see you here and really good to hear your willingness to share your experiences, both your success and 'those other" times. I really like the way you tell everyone that diabetes should not control our lives or who we are, but rather to live a fulfilling life with our diabetes.

I too have had many successes in the ongoing scheme of learning about diabetes management but during my 60 years living with this disease I’ve had many setbacks; hopefully I’ll learn from my mistakes.

Please keep sharing!

Thank you Dennis. I think that many people don’t understand how many setbacks that could happen in a person’s life when they have diabetes. One of the things that always went through my mind was that my blood sugar numbers had to be perfect. In reality that’s not how diabetes work, there are many things that can affect them, but it’s ok. A lot of parents get especially scared when their kid is diagnosed with diabetes and assume that the child has to always have perfect numbers. I want to show people it’s ok if you get a high blood sugar some times, you just work with it. You don’t need to get upset or anxious about it.

I like how you summarized what We/I had said. Nobody’s BG remains “perfectly steady” - those. with diabetes and those not blessed by diabetes, At a gathering not long ago attended mostly by parents of kids with T1D when a parent blamed her child for getting high numbers after eating, I suggested to her that she eat exactly what her child ate and then check HER BG one hour later and see how much her own BG increased - a month later she thanked me for opening her eyes,