Here we go again

Molly just started vomiting about an hour ago. Every time she begins to come down with even the slightest cold, she ends up really sick with vomiting, and it usually turns into DKA, and she ends up in the hospital. Her blood sugars have been good, but for some reason she keeps getting sick like this. In 2008 she was in the hospital 4 times, and in 2009 twice. I'm hoping things will turn around tonight, but my past experiences tell me differently. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? It's so frustrating. People just don't understand how frightening and serious it is when a diabetic child begins vomiting. I really could use some support.

How scary it is when our children start to vomit. small sips of gatorade....keep checking blood sugars and do not stop giving insulin.  check ketones regularly and keep encouraging small {1-2 ounces} of fluids.

It's very serious with diabetes, and I'm sorry you're all having to battle with another bout of  vomiting. You may want to talk to your pediatrician or endocrinologist about prescribing an anti-nausea drug to have on hand. We've gotten Zofran before. It's expensive- which is why doctors don't normally prescribe it. It's a dissolvable tablet which makes it easier to keep down.

Also don't forget to give insulin even when she is vomiting- after checking hourly. If Molly's on a pump you may want to adjust her basal rate higher if her ketones are present- talk to your endocrinologist about this.

Good luck - we're thinking of you.

~ Red

Our oldest son (10, non-D) has Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome.  Even a mild cold can trigger an episode.  Congestion starts him gagging, and once he vomits once, he can't stop.  We usually have to take him to the ER for IV medication and hydration to get it to stop.  Our last visit, the MD gave us a Rx for the medication Red mentioned.  He also told us to give our son Musinex for ANY congestion, to be sure he doesn't start the gagging.  If your child seems to have CVS, you may want to talk to your Endo about having a supply of the anti-nausea med on hand in case there is another episode, and treat any congestion ASAP.

I know how scary it is to have a non-D child vomiting uncontrollably.  I can't imagine having our T1 son going through it.  Hang in there.