Here we go

Hi everyone, just wanted to share alittle of my excitement with you all. I went to see my endo today and my A1C was 6! He gave me the go ahead to start trying to conceive :)  My A1C came down from 8 to 6 in just two months. It hasnt been that low for me in a few years, but with alot of dedication and hard work, I guess it is possible! to baby making! Cross your fingers for me :)

Yay Lisa! Good luck with everything! Pregnancy with T1 is tons of work, but it also feels like a big accomplishment, knowing how much work you put in to have a healthy, beautiful baby. So worth it. (:

Congrats Lisa!

That is really exciting! I am in a similiar position, I just got on the pump yesterday and my A1C was 7.4, I'm hoping to bring it down more and then my husband and I are going to start trying :) Were you on a pump to bring it down that much? What have you been doing day to day to bring it down?

Congratulations and good luck!  I am 22 weeks pregnant with twins, and my A1C was 5.8 at conception.  Just keep being diligent, and remember that you are responsible to your body (and hopefully soon, to your baby!), which should be sufficient motivation.  Keep up the good work.

Thanks :)

Mariah- I have been on the pump for 6yrs and although it has helped alot over the years, I think the real change for me was the CGM ( I got about 3months ago). I was able to see all the "hidden" highs that you dont know are there when you only check your sugar 4-6 times a day. I now get about 200-250 readings a day which makes a huge difference. You are able to see the trends and make more corrections to your basal rates. I know not everyone is able to have the CGM, but if you can get it I would highly recommend it! However, I am sure you will see a big difference with just the pump as well :)

Good Luck!


Thanks Lisa! I really want it bad! My doctor and I's plan is to put me on the pump to start out with and then transition to the sensor, I just love the idea that it can tell you when you're on your way up or down with your bloodsugars. So hopefully I will be able to get that soon :) I am a mad woman at checking! lol I probably check about 12 times a day lol I just try and keep a close eye on it with the checking, do you still have to check a lot like that with the sensor? i wish you all the best!

Hope to talk to you soon!

Mariah- You do still have to check a couple times a day because you have to calibrate the sensor with your glucometer. I usually check about 3-4 times a day still, the minimum you have to check is every 12hrs. They recommend that you still check before every bolus because they say you should never bolus off of your sensor reading-well, in real life things are different! Alot of people think "oh, i'll get the CGM and I will never have to test my sugar anymore", which isnt the case. But the benefits of it are still amazing. My sensor and my meter usually are within 10 of eachother, and the more often you calibrate the closer they stay together. Hope that helps!