Here's another one for ya... one week in, can seem to get it right!

so i was just sitting around decided to get ready for bed, and my pump got stuck in the couch and i yanked on it i didn't think it'd feel that weird. checked everything out, i was still good to go (i change sets tomorrow) anyways then i went to put on some shorts, well suprise suprise i practically tore off my whole infusion set. it seems like the IV prep just isnt doing its job. after day one its starting to lift and after a shower its even worse, but the 2nd day i have to be careful as to what i do and how i sleep. is there something you can get to tape it back down if this happens? or am i not doing the IV Prep right?? my mom just threw a big fat bandaid on there, i wish i could show you, pretty funny.

ohhh annnd i seem to have the problem of being too low before i go to bed, i go to the Dr. in the morning, maybe wondering if i should lower my basal ?? or if she'll continue to tell me just to eat snacks before bed, i hate doing that though. trying to lose it not gain it here!!! any good snacks that get sugars up fast without having to keep eating ? i usually keep candy and pre packaged koolaid next to the bed.

Thanks again, i have major issues lol


well i dont  have a solution for you, but i pretty much have the same issues as you do lol. good to know i'm not the only one! :]

haha well hopefully someone has an answer, it drives me crazy! and the tape all over my stomach isnt gonna do it for the rest of my life lol

haha i know what you mean! i HATE HATE HATE HATE changing my sites, so if the tape gets unsticky after a day i try to prolong it with something called IV3000. its basically a sticky film that you put over your site to keep everything in place. the only bad thing is if you wanna disconnect you have to take the film off and its kinda tricky. i also tried double stick medical tape, and put it under wherever the tape is lifting. it didnt work so well for me, but maybe itll work for you! 

i just looked on the animas website and they have things that apparently make it stick better, comes in little packets like the IV preps.. im gonna order those tomorrow, that might work, idk lol i know nothing about this stuff i ordered the IV 3000 things when i ordered my pump, but never received which since theyre kinda tricky thats good i didnt get them, lol i dont have time to finagle with tape i rush around as it is. changing sites is the worst for me i get so nervous and my mom makes faces when im trying to push the buttons.. making it worse of course.

Man, it sounds rough, and complicated sometimes.  atelast you are trying it, I cant even get myself to try a pump haha.  But good luck, you will get it figured out soon and probably love it!

i stopped using the iv prep because i thought it was interfering with the adhesive. i use rubbing alcohol to clean the site and the put spray benadryl on it (because i'm allergic to the adhesive). those don't interfere with the sticky part, and i have less problems than when i used IV prep.

Another adhesive you can try is Mastisol.  It's a liquid adhesive that's CRAZY STICKY.  It's got its own counterpart adhesive removing solution.

Personally, IV Prep never made my sites stick any better so the only benefit I got out of them was disinfecting the site.  I eventually switched to Mastisol for a long time, and while it doesn't work 100% of the time, it's still a lot stickier than IV Prep.

But these things really vary from person to person and as you grow up.  Few years back I used to have a ridiculously hard time keeping sets in for 3 days and by the end all the edges were sticking up.  Fast forward to now and for whatever reason I don't have problems anymore and get away with only using alcohol swabs and no extra tape...haven't had a site fall off in months.

Some other fixes you can try: big surgical tapes like IV3000 or Tegaderm basically do the same thing your band-aid did, but in a much better way...if you're having trouble with sweatiness under the site and it's causing the adhesive to loosen up try using a spray anti-prespirant on the area you inject (disinfect first, anti-prespirant second, liquid adhesive last)...might even try a different set to see if they stick down better...aaanndd this probably isn't a problem for girls, but I know a lot of guys that shave the area their sites go in to help the tape stick better.

i've never had to shave my belly before changing my site ;o) maybe i'll consider it. HA HA.

Hmmmm well, i used to have that problem, but then for some reason it just kind of went away  =X

but back then i would just get those skin tapes, cut a hole out of it and put it over my site, that usually helped it stay on.

and yes u shld def lower ur basal rates

Liz, I know with the IV Prep you need to make sure everything is dry before you put on the infusion set. If not even the slightest bit of heat/sweat may cause the site to be less effective. Personally, I just go without any of the prep stuff, as it was more of a hassle and I lost a few sets that way. I went out though to the store and bought a roll of the skin colored water proof tape. I will use this if necessary to convince my infusion site it only has a little while before I can change it (Granted I think I have had to do that once.) I tend to use the tape more for my CGMS, sometimes that might not last as long as I want it to. As the adhesive will start to dissolve after x amount of days. That is when I use the tape to keep things going.

My philosophy is that I am usually the only one who seems my belly so if I have a band aid or tape on it, I am not embarrassed.

As for your night time lows, since you are still getting adjusted the best thing to do is bring all concerns or needs to your endocrinologist and see what they say. While my endo told me I could change my basals if necessary. I only tweaked them a bit within the past few months. They know what they are doing. Messing with a Basal when you are so new to the pump is probably not a great idea. Good luck though.

I've used IV prep once because my dad made me, I had the same problem. You're supposed to wait for it to dry and get tacky. I did, it just didn't work. I had put just regular medical tape over top of it until I had to change it. I never have a problem with sites falling off or coming lose without the IV prep.

Hi Liz,

As others have said, if you're using IV Prep it has to be dry. However I have done it both with and without it and I'm not sure there's a difference. I'm not a very stationary sleeper, and pull the edges of my site off a little more each night from rubbing against the sheets. I'd love to have something that works better than the IV Prep! I also try to not get wet or sweaty within a couple hours of a new site, as that seems to make it come off more easily too.

You should not lower your basal rate on your own, especially being this new to the pump.

As for quickly getting your sugars up without eating? I use glucose tabs. They are made with the quick acting Dextrose that will work much faster than any juice or food as it is a very simple carbohydrate. You won't need to eat any snacks to get your sugar back up!

Good Luck! Hope you like the pump, it's been great for me!

went in to the dr today and she told me to lower one of my basal rates because i shouldnt be having to eat something before bed, which is nice so we'll see! i left the sheet in my car, and its snowing here, sooo im gonna just wait until tomorrow to fix it lol. my mom got me some sticky stuff from the animas website so im gonna see how that works, and i found a sample of the IV 3000. so we'll see. thanks for all the help guys i really appreciate it!!! i love the pump so far and i go get my A1C tested in a couple weeks im really nervous to see how it goes!!

also just another question did anyone happen to gain a little weight when starting the pump? apparently i've gained 5 pounds in a week, and as a girl, im freaking out, i dont like to buy new jeans. it makes me upset lol. anyways, if so about the weight question, did you end up going back down?

i've been on the pump for a year now, and i've gained 15 pounds. all attributed to the insulin and stuff. and as much as i try to lose it, it just won't! it sucks i had to buy new jeans and it was really depressing lol. but hopefully that won't be the case for you!!

im planning on working out the way i used to and hopefully that may work, i've noticed in the last year since i've really dont well with taking care of myself i've gained some weight, but OMG!!! lol. not one thing i own fits anymore besides shirts and sweats. its totally depressing, and i live on my own for the first time, so i dont have to money to go out and buy a whole new closet lol. diabetes sucks nads!!!