Heroin User at Chucky Cheese as an 8 year old

I am 32 years old, and was diagnosed with Type 1 when I was 7 years old. I am sure most of you can relate to this one cuz as everyone always asks  "how can you give your self a shot "(they always picture some guy shooting up in his veins with some kind of drug or something). Well when I was 8 years old I had a birthday party at a pizza parlor/kids entertainment place called Chucky Cheese in CA.  Well as I felt uncomfortable giving myself a shot in public I went to the restroom to do it in there. Well as I was filling up the syringe with insulin and a kid walked in and had the look of horror then walked right back out. About 2 minutes later a manager walks in, and asks if I was shooting heroin in the bathroom. I laughed, and told him I was a diabetic yada yada..... In hindsight I thought that that was pretty funny.... I mean can you imagine an 8 year old kid getting high on heroin at a Chucky Cheese, or better yet that a grown person asked an 8 yr old kid if he was doing heroin. My parents were pretty pissed at the time, but I thought it was hillarious.



Seriously that is so ridiculous. I can't believe that a person would ask an 8 year old that.


EVERY TIME i'm in my university giving my shots [even though i have the pens] people look at me like i'm crazy and doing heroin! so i literally respond with, "i'm not doing heroin, i'm doing insulin, i'm diabetic" and then whoever it is always laughs and feels silly after. it makes me laugh, glad i'm not the only one