Hey Guys, Guess What!?!

Sooo I have officially been pumping for 2 hours and I am already head over hills in love with my MiniMed!!

This is for real like the first time in over a year I didnt stress out about takin a shot! Super happy!!


Grats! Good to hear you are enjoying it. I will probably never pump (insertsadfacehere) But hey at least i am still living. But enjoy the pump and live life to the fullest.



Pumps are wonderfully life changing for most of us.  Have you found some of the cool tools, like under the Utilities option you can get your Daily Totals of insulin?  And the Wizard Bolus calulator will become your best friend the next time you eat pizza.   

I hope everything goes smoothly for you Morgan. Let us know if there are problems.

Hey Morgan!!

I am so happy for you! I am excited to get my pump too...should be this month! I know, it will be so nice not having those extra few sticks a day! Hehe =)

Take Care, and Happy Pumping =D


good for u

Hi Morgan!  So glad you enjoy pumping.  What I like best is not being tied to a schedule (like being able to sleep late).

I'm so happy for you :)  My 16 year daughter wishes she could get a pump too.  But it's not the right time I'm afraid.  Congratulations girlie :)

That's great! Congrats :) The first few weeks are the most difficult, as far as getting used to having something attached to you 24/7 and managing blood sugar, but you sound like you're adjusting wonderfully! Good luck!


i feel left out for now but hopefully I'll be pumping before summer is in full swing! 

Congrats! I'm super excited for you! :D


I'm so jealous.  My MM pump will be here tomorrow so I guess I will be in your shoes soon.  I can't wait!

For all of the new pumpers, get a copy of John Walsh's book "Pumping Insulin". 

It's a great resource and  will help you in the years to come, when you're ready to use some of the more complex pump features or when other questions come up.  The pump's customer service line is helpful too.     



I love the bolus wizard. It has changed my life. I use it for mostly everything I eat!! 

So happy for you!  It is the closest thing to a pancreas that we've got!!

Congrats, Morgan!  Getting the pump was definitely one of the highlights of my life with diabetes...being able to theoretically eat anything whenever you want is such a great feeling!  

That's awesome Morgan! I just had my pump training today and have had mine on since about noon. I am excited about it too! Best of luck!