Hey guys

I'm heading to my endo tomorrow morning for my six month checkup.  I hate going to see him.  I am in control and my A1Cs have always been lower than 7, but I still get very anxious and nervous about going.  Having diabetes for 18 years, I'm always dreading getting the lab results that shows something terrible.  I always think, is this the time I find out my kidneys are starting to stop working?  Will this be the time when I learn I have nerve problems or eye problems?  I was just recently diagnosed with gastroparesis, another lovely complication of this disease, so now I get even MORE worried. I already have white coat syndrome.  Everytime I go to a doc, whehter it's my endo or my family (who I played softball with for three years), I get so nervous, my blood pressure is usually high.  THen I have to explain to the nurses that I have a doctor phobia and that I check my BP at home and it is fine there.  I absolutely DREAD going to the endo?   Does anybody else out there have these worries?  Does anyone have any suggestions to ease this stress?

The Cubbies finally won a game today!!

I can't say I have that problem, but GO CUBS!!!

My blood pressure at my last lab test outing, provided by my employer (much appreciated) was 140 over 92 because I was so freaked out about how many people were there, feeling like cattle, afraid of seeing someone I knew and didn't want them to find out I have diabetes, and just general fear and loathing of doctors.  When I check my blood pressure at home or work I am often 110 over 70 with a pulse between 47 and 57 beats a minute(I am and avid cyclist, mountain biker).  I understand where you are coming from and wish someone would share some helpful tips on relaxing at the docs office, I am only newly diagnosed at hate to see from your perspective that after 18 years it is still a phenomanon that your blood pressure sky rockets, I was hoping that It would get better/easier with time.  The one time that I had good results I laid my head in my hands in the waiting room and just tried to drift off to sleep, ignoring as much as I could around me, this helped but I have not been able to repeat this, my wife was not with me on this visit(wow I just had an epiphany perhaps I can ask her to give me a break in the waiting room to clear my head).  I hope that all goes well with you.


My experience says don't get in an argument / screaming match  with the billing lady before you go back or else your bp will be very high.  

Go Cardinals!  (I had to say that)