Hey guys:)))

How is life? Everyone happy? healthy?

Swell! Super healthy!`

well apparently i'm not as giddy as pat, but i'm doing pretty well myself. thanks for asking ;o)

I'm doing pretty well thanks for asking. Sometimes I still start to talk like a pirate, but my doctor said it should resolve with time.

Yarrrr me be resolvin to use me cannons and blow yer ship to dust. BANANA arrrrrrr.

I finish college in 7 weeks so I am definitely happy :)

big bad college grad! congratulations, mark ;o) any big plans for after school is over? i remember how flipping excited i was to graduate... then i went back :op

Thanks, as far as plans go...I hope to use my job to fund my guitar obsession. I need more excitement in my life cause I'm just going to be working in an office.

I hope I don't need to go back anytime soon, I spent two years finding out what I wanted to do, so I just hope to finish this year and stay alive :)

haha you sound REALLY excited!