Hey new to site - and family is new to the world of diabetes- daughter has it

Good Afternoon~

My name is Deb and I am a mom to a very active almost 8 year old whose type 1 DX is 10-17-10.  We are still in the learning process, and am happy to have a friend whose son is a little older and also type 1- she has been a great resource!

There is a whole world out there that I didn't know existed- now we are living in it!  She is a real trooper throughout this whole thing. She does her own finger sticks and can do her own injections as long as we draw it for her. She educates herself, so she can answer questions that her friends and family ask her.  The hardest part now is she wants to spend the night at friends houses- but doesn't get that most parents are squeamish about shots, and giving them to someone so small... not happening.

We (at least me, not sure about my husband) carry guilt into this journey- we thought she was having a hard time with the pregnancy that is now almost over. No longer the baby of family type thing. I still think that if I had been more open minded I should have seen the signs- but she wasn't textbook hyperglycemic. Even in the ER the nurse had her down for a MHE (Mental Health Evaluation).

  I am glad that there are resources out there so we can educate ourselves, others and make connection with others who can relate. Looking forward to meeting some new friends.

Well, I've been on this journey longer, but I have an active 7yr old daughter so I know what you mean about things being different, like parents don't want that responsibility or training to watch over your child. I am in the same boat there.  Don't be so hard on yourself about not noticing the signs. We didn't know anything about juvenile diabetes, so we didn't notice the signs until we started researching ourselves online and thought maybe.. and the doctors weren't even going to test for it but we kept pressure on them, we weren't leaving without an answer and we are so lucky.. .she was immediately sent from one hospital to another to get her to one that could treat a child with diabetes, 1076 diagnosed blood sugar. I hear you, it is very scary. This Juvenation site is a great one to get in touch with other families. I would also suggest checking in with your local JDRF chapter to see if there are any parent groups that meet in your area.  You are never alone in this, although it might seem that way sometimes. You've got a whole community around you, even if it's an online community. I think it's great that you've already met a family too. They will be a valuable resource  too.

Diabetes isnt the hardest thing to live with i have had it for 9 years now and i am only 16. there are lots of things you can do to make it a little easier..like make a schedual of times that the blood sugar should be checked and keeping a healthy diet, and also staying active..Another thing is that your daughter should never go off track because its hard to get back on track again trust me i have gone off track before pluse it could cause other problems associated with diabetes like kidney failure and enlarged thyroid and a high A1C.. so reading books about type 1 wout be my biggest suggetion and also talk to a diabetic dr every so often if you have any questions

Hi Deb -- sorry you have to join us, but welcome. I find this site really helpful!

When I was little and slept at friends' houses, my Mom would come over before bed to inject me, and then come over in the morning to shoot up. (This was in additional to dropping me off and picking me up of course, lol.) Then, she'd just have to train the parents to look for lows, etc. As your daughter gets more comfortable, you can always do a phone check in after she tests, too. I'm sure you all will find a way to work it out. (: