Hey please check out my link I need some advice! Lows and Exercising

Hey I am having a lot of trouble with going low after I exercise. Here is a link to my recent post about it.




Sounds like a case of insulin sensitivity, which can last for hours. In fact, your insulin sensitivity from a workout may take up to 3 days to wear off. I have had experiences similar to yours. The good news is it is an indication that your workouts are intense and you're giving it your all. The bad news is the sugars. My suggestion: go over the past week or so of numbers and figure out the average duration of your insulin sensitivity. Mine, for example, varies from 4-8 hours, depending on the nature of the workout. And so I adjust my basal rates accordingly, lowering them for roughly 6 hours following the workout session. You can do the same. If you finish working out around 8:00 pm, consume post-workout sugar (15-45 grams depending on intensity, individual needs) and protein shake (if anaerobic), wait at least 30-45 minutes for sugars to stabilize, eat a relatively low glycemic dinner (and bolus less than usual),

Trust me, this can be frustrating to deal with, especially if you're competitive and want to perform your best, but once you pay attention to your numbers and discern some kind of pattern (duration of insulin sensitivity, degree to which you need to lower basal/bolus figures, etc) it becomes as predictable and manageable as anything else.

One last piece of advice: don't ever think for a second that you've finished adjusting your numbers. If your workouts change, your numbers will/should change. If your diet changes, your numbers will/should change. Etc. For example, I used to do relatively heavy powerlifting with long rest periods. I then raised the intensity with supersets, drop sets, etc (heavy weight, more muscle fibers, less rest) and found I had to lower my basal rates.

Good luck. Let me know how things work out.

I'm really going to start analyzing my numbers for my insulin sensitivity duration! that sounds like a great idea, thank you very much! and ha yeah I know diabetes is a constant battle, I use to be a lot more active in high school sports and then I switched to lifting in college and even my diet change from summer to in school has a big effect.