Hey there

I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to help control diabetes, any good tips?

test a lot and take insulin at appropiate times..... sorry the answer is vague but soo was kinda the question... what in particular are you struggling with stress, food, life, work, exercise, emotions, hormonal. there are a myriad of things that make controlling diabetes easier but only depends on what the struggles are.


i.e. i don't have to worry about menupause or monthly periods sooo they won't have any impact on controlling my diabetes, but it may another.

i guess i should be more specific

well lets see, i have extreme anxiety and slight depression from past experiences that have led to this and between trying to find a medication help that out and control my diabetes, i get VERY overwhelmed and to the point where i dont want to control anything since i dont have much control of my emotions. i am currently working with a psychiatrist. but im wondering if any one else has this problem.

Also and this may sound ODD how i relate this, but i almost feel like i am "addicted" to high blood sugars. i have had them so high for so long, i dont like how i feel when they go anyuwhere below 8. ill end up eating something to make them go higher on purpose just to not feel that way. im also extremely paranoid if i get TOO low too fast since i havent been below 5 in so long i wont be able to treat it quick enough and will pass out.

I would say don't try to go below 8. When I started insulin my bg had been in the high 20's for at least the 3 months they can see on an A1c. So they told me to aim for 10 with my blood sugar. It does feel crappy to be used to being high and then to go low. Just work on getting things corrected slowly.

I've been so lucky to have a close friend that has type 1 that I can talk to. Even with my family trying to be supportive they just don't understand how it feels so I don't even find talking to them makes me feel better. Coming back on this site so you can talk to other type 1's is a great idea. Misery loves company, right?

It might help to remind yourself that controling your sugars helps improve the depression and anxiety. When my sugars are high I'm depressed and angry and will cry over anything and nothing at all. Just take things slow and take it easy on yourself. Unfortunately you can do everything right and still have bad numbers sometimes. Something I'm dealing with right now actually. Try to find something besides the diabetes to focus on. When I find myself focusing too much on my numbers I call my sisters and we talk about anything. I have problems with anxiety too and I need distractions from worrying about things.