Hey i have had a problem at school with checking my blood sugar before i eat lunch.. but i am getting better at doing it now that i realize that it is really serious and can hurt you in the future! so it is important to always check your blood sugar and progam for what you eat!

                                   -Logan Hunterrr!!

Hey Logan,

  If you mean that you hadn't been taking care of yourself, then I know how you feel.  I've been there, unfortunately, more than one or twice.  Up until this year I hadn't been checking before lunch at school so i wasn't giving insulin for high blood sugars if i had them because I didn't know.  You are being really smart in changing how you prepare to eat.  I wish I had started doing that six years ago when I was first diagnosed!!

~ Brie

Yeah, it was really hard getting used to al the changes and stuff but if i want to be healthy in the future i have to change what i do now.!



Congrats on changing your habits!  It can be really difficult to make change but a lot of it is the mental battle, which you've already won!