guys i was kind of getting sick of no one posting anything so here it is lets talk

I just joined this group tonight.  How can we get something going on here?  Let's just post a few questions for people to answer.

1.  How long have you had diabetes?

2.  Do you use a pump or injections?

3.  How many times a day do you check your blood sugar?


Here are my answers...

1.  18 years

2. Paradigm 722 pump

3. 12-15 times a day

Just trying to get something going here.

Anyone see the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup?  I'm not much of a hockey fan, but it was good to see Chicago win something, since the Cubbies aren't going to win anytime soon!!

I also am interested in comparing with other guys.  There is not much out there for male T1's, 30+ years with this disease.

1. Dx-24 years old

2. Animas 2020 with Dexcom 7

3. Too much- at least 10x a day.

It is good to see other sports teams winning.  The Seattle Mariners are falling apart:(  It is time to start thinking about football.

well thanks for getting the ball rolling 

1. 14 years 

2. Paradigm 722

3. 2 to 3 im kinda of lazy

well im kinda hoping the mens soccer team does well and brings home the world cup 

You must be a Mariners fan.  They were kind enough to take Milton Bradley and all of his problems away from the Cubs.  I agree, let's look forward to football.  Maybe the Bears will do well this year.  After all, their QB, Jay Cutler, has T1 too.  So does Sam Fuld, a minor leaguer for the Cubs.  In fact, there were some scouts who said that Fuld isn't capable of playing everyday because of his T1.  Of course, look at Ron Santo.  He did it and was successful!

awesome i am glad that i am not the only one these guys are talking about checking 10 to 20 times a day who can do that even when i am home on the weekend or have nothing else to do i do not have the time to do that but maybie i am lazy to

The M's had a player for several years, Brandon Morrow - now with the Blue Jays, who is a T1.  There was also a guy a few years ago with Detroit, I can't remember his name.  I saw him pitch once and you could tell he was having a low.  I could see his pump on the backside of his uniform.  I thought he also played for the White Sox.  Ron Santo was a great player.

hi i just yesterday

ive had diabetes for a little less than a year

i use novolog injections

i check my blood only 3 to 4 xs a day

I am a newbie to Juvenation and glad to have found this community.

I've been diagnosed type 1 for one month, but the symptoms go back to March.

I use Lantus morning injections (i'm in the honeymoon phase, they say)

My blood is checked 6 times as of today. I use to test just before my 3 meals, now I will begin testing one hour after.

I'm learning alot just reading all of your posts, thanks everyone.


wait you went for about 5 months of hypoglycemia wow 

Baseball is winding down here in the Pacific NW.  Actually, it started winding down when the M's started losing more than winning.  Now, FOOTBALL is here!!  GO HUSKIES & SEAHAWKS!!

Hey, I just decided I would answer your questions!

1.  Diagnosed in May of 2010 so only about 4 months.

2.  I take only 2 injections daily, 13 lantus 2 humalog in the morning, and 6 lantus 3 humalog in the evening (yes I know lantus isn't supposed to be mixed nor split between two doses, but this is what my endocrinologist uses with great succes: my BG has consistently stayed in the 80-110 range).

3.  I normally test 4-6 times daily, depending on what I am doing, and how I feel physically.

While I am on MDI now, I am anxiously waiting for the insurance confirmation and delivery of my One Touch Ping!

1.  First symptoms starting showing up in October of 2009, I self diagnosed myself via WebMD this past January and then had it confirmed by my doctor.  So its been 10 months since diagnoses.

2.  I'm on the MiniMed 523 Revel, started pumping on March, 17th

3. 7-8 times daily using the Freestyle lite, I test more if my numbers were high.


Yes, I did see them win the Stanley Cup, it was amazing.  Luckily I wasn't working that one Friday, so I went to see their parade to!  I told the friend I went with that in a few months we'll be back there for the Cubs parade, lol.  Clearly that didn't happen.  Next year right?

I'm curious what ended up happening to the pitcher who was having a low.  Could you tell he was rushing to get out of the inning?  Or did somebody bring him something to eat?

Diagnosed in Jan/Feb 1988

On a Minimed 523 pump

BG tested about 3-4 times a day when using CGM, maybe a little more when the sensor's not in.


Jason Johnson was the pitcher who was diabetic.  He wasn't that good, though, to be honest.



They replaced him.  He just "looked" confused in between pitches. I remember seeing the manager ask him...are you OK? and the guy shaking his head ...no

1. 5 years, i'm 27 now

2. minimed 522, i use about 30 units a day

3. about 4 times. if there are problems i test as many as 8. And every now and then it'll be.... once a day. Trying to be more of a 5x a day guy.

I hear there's this new meter (ibg star) coming out (once it is approved by the fda:-/) that fits onto bottom of iphone. I wanna get it. then maybe i won't have to carry a big meter case with me everywhere....:) girls are lucky they have purses

1) almost 13 yrs

2) minimed paradigm, about 60 units/day

3) working on getting back up to 4-5x daily........spent a few years off the wagon, so to speak.

1. almost 3 years

2. minimed paradigm

3. 7-8 times a day

Sup dudes! Anyone in California?

  1. How long have you had diabetes? 22 years, Im 27 now.

  2. Do you use a pump or injections? Pump MiniMed

  3. How many times a day do you check your blood sugar? Eh depends. Not much for testing these days.