Heyy! Just joined!

hey! My name is monica, im 14 years old, and i've had type 1 diabetes for 11 months :(   i'm new to this site. i just joined. but it seems soooo cool. I'm the only diabetic in my school and family, so sometimes it get pretty lonely being diabetic. it sucks

Yeah it does! I'm 13 and like the 3rd or 4th one so I can only imagine how you feel. Welcome to the site! lol.

thanks!! How long have you had diabetes?


Hi Monica, I am jamie like u I am the only one who has diabetes in my school and in my family. I have had diabetes for 12 years. so ya

it really gets kinda scary after awhile to be the ONLY diabetic around me. I really hate it. that's why it's so awesome to have people on this site to talk to.

Hi guys, my name is Nagi, I'm 16 years old and I've had diabetes since I was 4. Honestly, I've hated living with diabetes, but most of the time I would just look on the bright side. Hopefully we'll all talk soon, bye!

Hi Jamie, I'm Nagi and like you, I've had diabetes for 12 years, so I know what your going through

hey, im lauren:) im 13 years old and ive had diabetes for almost 3 years now (but it seems like a LOT longer then that). im the only one in my school with diabetes, and with my family too. my grandmother does have type 2 though......

my grandma has type 2 also! But its really nothing like type 1 at alllll. But she doesn't really take her diabetes pills. she's not the best with that. hahah. If we didn't take our diabetes medication, we'd just die. lol. But nobody in  my family family has type 1 :(

haha same with me. my grandma NEVER takes her pils..its like shes losing her memory or something. she remembers like 2 hours after she eats and by then she just says its too late and wont make a difference. its insane!!! and oh i really wish someone else in my family was diabetic...lol that would be so awesome!!!!

my sugar just sky rocketed! i was in the park w/ my family and my dad threw a really big HARD snowball directly @ my face!! i couldnt open my eyes for like 15 min, can u imagine having ice go straight into your eyes?! plus my nose is a little bruised up because of him, i was so freakin mad, then i got home, took a nap woke up w/ a headache and feeling a bit nauseated (dont know how 2 spell that) and i just checked my BG and it was pretty high