Hi again

I posted on saturday after opening my new account here.. and for some reason it vanished. I had so many great responces and I wanted to thank everyone that did. It made me feel much better knowing that there is so much support out there for my son and I.. I also got a responce from a lady named Sarah. I wanted to add her as a friend due to her sister lives here in colorado springs and may be able to put me in contact with the parent of a child w/ t1 here in the springs. If she reads this.. Please email me again or send another friend request. I am still in a state of shock but I know in my heart that it will all work out..

 God bless you all and lets keep praying that god will help us FIND A CURE!!!


I remember your post - afraid there may have been a restore of some sort because it seems a number of things vanished (i'm glad someone else remember seeing those things out here, lol) - it doesn't make me less crazy but it does leave me one less time i can be claimed delusional... ;)

You are very welcome here and i still think your instincts are awesome!




I saw your post! I'll send you another friend request. (: