Hi all fellow Omnipod users

My name is Traci.  I've been a Type I for 28 years.  I've been on the Omnipod pump for a little over a year.  I love it and would never give it up.  I chose Omnipod for the tubelessness of it.  At the time I was choosing a pump, my son was three.  There was no way an infusion set with a tube was going to be off limits to him.  He would accidently pull it out at some point.  I will admit, he has taken a pod off my back once.

How are all of you doing with your Omnipod?  Do you have any issues, suggestions, etc.?


Take care,


Hi Traci!  My daughter who's about to turn 10 started using the Omnipod last July.  We love it as well!  The tubeless was 100% the reason we went this direction.  I could not imagine having her all tangled up in the tubing.   She has had it come off her arm in school when her backpack hit it.  Off her back & stomach when wrestling around, and a few times at soccer.  But, overall it is the BEST!  I would recommend it to anyone. 

One suggestion I have is if you have skin issues when you change the pod, we have found GooGone to be a lifesaver!  We spray the GooGone on the adhesive and the pod slips right off!  I have talked to tons of other users and this tip has helped them out! 

Anyway, I just joined this site today and love it! 


I just joined the group of Omnipoders !! I am changing from MDI for 40 years to the Omnipod. Probably will arrive next week.  I have no complications due to exercise, Yoga and balancing meals with counting carbs, proteins and fats.  I hope to stay in touch since you are a Omnipod user.  I just bought a book Pumping Insulin. It describes doses for active people or inactive and how to figure them out.  The book also always advises using you Physicians input.




Hi Traci. My son has just started on the insulin pump. He is six years old and was diagnosed at 15 months. The omnipod is still quite new here in Hawaii so Im glad I have a place to come to when ever I have questions or concerns. This site is great. Actual people living it and going through it with you.

Hi Shawna. Thanks so much for the GooGone tip. I will definately try it on my son..The adhesive on the omnipod can really be tough on the skin. Does your daughter have a preference on her body where she puts it on the most, or does she use all areas. My son only likes to use his arm. We've tried it on his stomach a couple of times but it hurts him sometimes when he moves around. We're still trying to get the hang of this. Just got it a couple months ago.

I am Pam Pod Person and I launched the Omnipod and PDM mother ship today. I will keep you posted Traci, Cheryl, Carlyinco and Courtney who has a different pump . Thanks for all your kind words.

Hi -

Just joined this group today! My son who is 5 is on the Omnipod and we love it! I have 3 boys and can not imagine using a pump with a tube considering all the rough housing they do everyday! My husband works for Metronic and we still chose omnipod because it is tubeless! Love it!

The only issue we have had of late is a bit of dry skin at the sites - tried using ecezma cream to heal the sites in between....also tried putting the pod over a IV 3000pad so the pod does not go directly on the skin but it still sticks and stays.. obviously you cut a hole in the pad where the needle goes in first.

Also - My son likes to wear them on his arms so we needed an arm band over the pod to secure it in place since he is so active. I started sewing the bands in all different patterns for him and just started a website www.bands4life.net that offers the arm bands for omnipod users.

This pump has changed our lives and given our whole family back some freedom and fun!!

Good luck to everyone!


Shawna i am also an  new Omnipod user and saw that your daughter is a new user as well. I got a note from a mom who's son is T1 also and she has made arm bands for the pod and the money  taken in goes to JDF. Her website is www.arms4life.net   There are alot of bands a ten year old might like as well and other accesories. The pod is amazing !!


Thank you Pams for sharing the news of bands4life - just wanted to clarify the website is actually www.bands4life.net.  The bands really make life easier for my son or anyone who wears the pod on their arm...just adds security for them. Still new to this site so trying to figure out how to post to everyone in the group...not sure if I am doing that ..Thanks again for the support!

oops ! Please excuse the error in the bands4life. I know now it is www.bands4life.net I passed on the word to a friend I write to on this site. I love the Pod so much !!! I agree with all the wonderful words you expressed about the pod. Have a terrific holiday-Pam

Thanks Pams! I really appreciate the support in getting the word out to the omnipod users. Happy Holidays and happy and healthy new year!!

My name is Amanda i have been type 1 for about 4 years. My biggest issue was the tubing also so i got on the omnipod and i absolutley love it! but fo course being 20 years old i am very self-conscious and i just cant seem to get over it especially in a bathen suit This summer is my first summer where i am going to try and keep it on and not worry about what people think! I love the omnipod and it has made my a1c's in awesome control!

Hi Shawna! Where can I get GooGone at?? I have marks all over my stomach from the adhesive, does that work for it?? and do you put it on before you put the pod on?

Hi Traci.  I've had Type 1 for 27 years and have had the Omnipod for the past 2 years.  I, as many others changed pumps because of the tubing issue and the fact that Omnipod is waterproof to an extent.  I'm a runner and exercise daily so, sweat was an issues with the medtronic.  It's much better with the Omnipod.  Problem I've had was trying to wear it on the back of my arm.  I tried a couple of times and both times, I've knocked it off by turning quickly by a door facing.  You know... getting clothes out of the dryer, arms full and turning quickly to get out of laundry room???  Not good.  

has anyone tried wearing it on the leg?  Where?  I currently wear it on my lower back, switching sites every three days.  Stomach doesn't work for me because it tends to bruise a bit and hurt.   Any other ideas???


I've tried it on the back of my arm and have knocked it off from hitting doors too.  I've thought about wearing a wrist sweatband over it.  There's a lady that makes bands for this but I think she's doing it only for kids.  Her site is bands4life.net.  I haven't checked out the site as I keep the pods on my stomach, upper and lower, and my back.  I've never tried it on my legs.  I don't think I'd try it during the winter.

I've read all the Goo Gone comments and can't bring myself to try it.  I've read the Goo Gone ingredients and the emergency procedures talk about flushing for 15 minutes whether it's on your skin or in your eyes.  I don't have much of a problem with the adhesive.  I do have marks on my skin and will probably for as long as I use the pod or even an infusion set should I ever choose to change pumps.  I have the same marks from my CGMS.  It's the life of a diabetic.  I don't ever plan to wear a bikini again so I'm not much concerned about it.

I have had bad pod sites that hurt a lot.  I had one just this week.  I changed the pod after 24 hours because I could feel the insulin going in every time I bolused or the basal was injecting.  I must've hit a nerve.  Even the cannula hurt.  You can pull the insulin out of the pod.  I've never done it after wearing the pod for a period but I've done it when I've had a bad pod before or just after starting it.


Hi Traci,

My website, www.bands4ife.net offers arm bands for omnipod users who wear the pod on their arms. My son was having all of these problems most people have experienced so I started making him the bands and now the pod stays in place for the full 3 days with few exceptions. Check it out - we have all sizes available and if you do not see your size - choose the custom size box with no additional charge. The material is smooth and stretchy and my son even wears it in the water. Hope this helps. Good luck!



oops sorry melcc - didn't mean to call you Traci - I wanted to write Traci too and thank her for her support! Good Luck!

Thanks so much for the support Traci!  I do make the bands for all ages and arm sizes ...thanks for passing along the word for anyone who may find the bands helpful! Take care!

Hi, I'm new to this site altogether but figured I'd give it a shot.  I've been using OmniPod for a while now and have worn it on my leg multiple times.  It actually is prob one of my favorite places although I do rotate it.  Lately I've been having issues with pod alarms for no apparent reason.  Tech hasn't been able to help, also my BG seems to fluctuate a lot more since switching from minimed to OmniPod anyone else?

Hi Charity,

The pod alarms could be caused by static.  I had a lot of pod alarms during the winter until I started storing my pods in my humid bathroom and carrying them with me in a zipper bag with a dryer sheet.  Since then, no alarms.  The friction from your pants could be causing the static which in turn is causing the alarms.  If it's possible, can you put a dryer sheet around your pod?  If anything, you'll smell extra nice!!!

As for fluctuating BG, I've heard that the leg area gets the most use since you use them when you walk.  That could possibly be causing your fluctuations.  But if your fluctuations are in every pod location, maybe it's time to do a bolus test, a 12-hour fast with 2-hour BG checks, to see if your needs have changed.