Hi All

Hi all

I am new to juvenation. My son (7) was diagnosed Last November 5th.  he has been doing very well.  I love looking around this site and learning so much from all of your personal experiences and stories.


Hi Kendra!

So glad you joined! and also happy to hear your son is doing well. You will find a lot of good information and friends on here. So take your time and check out all of the features we have here. If you ever need anything you can contact me anytime !


My grandson, age 5 was diagnosed in June--one day after his birthday!!!!  This site is great to view.  Lots of inifo and encouragement.  I still am scared when alone with him and confused about diet.

Hi Everyone -

I'm Ali, I go to college in western mass and have had type 1 since 7/1998 and am new to this site!

Hello Kendra and Others,

Welcome to all of you and I hope you are able to find answers and solutions to anything you may need here. There are so many people on here with so many different experiences that chances are if you run into any problems, one of us such people can help you.

hi moosesmom im julie insulin dependent for long time 37 yrs have cosmo insulin pump for 5yrs best thing i ever did for me hope every thing is well the pump has given me more meal time freedom and i can eat anyting that i can count carbs for good luck any questions contact me thanks julie


My grandma used to be terrified when I was a kid. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, and they didn't really ever understand having a diabetic kid around! This is definitely a good site for you to be a member of!