Hi All! :)

Well, I guess I'm new here.  I say guess because I searched for an old friend who used to be very big on all the diabetes forums I visited and found that she plays a big roll here.  So where are you Gina?!?!?!? :)  Hopefully you still remember me.

Well not to start off on a bad foot but I always come and join this types of forums when things are looking bad.  Similar to what others do with the bible.  Either way, having a rough day, not that my glucose level is high or anything, just got bad news on my insurance and the current deductible.

Not a whole lot I can do except for come off the pump and go back to shots...something I am considering.  I've been on the pump now for almost 10 years.  I was with Desitronic but after my pump had some issues, I swapped to Minimed and love it but can't afford the new, ridiculous deductible.  So with that said, hello folks and hopefully I'll find some positive information here in my transition back 10 years to shots.  Or maybe a program to get cheaper pump supplies.

Take care! Mike

welcome to juvenation! gina is our fearless leader :o) glad to see you joined! lots of people come here in times of need because this a great resource to find answers to your questions... as well as support and friendship and people who understand and have been where you are.