Hi Everyone!

My names Kristina Lees,


I stumbled upon this website and I'm really impressed and excited !

I'm 18 currently leaving for college next week in a completely different state.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes when I was 3 so I'm not sure how living without it is, but I sure know living with it can be hard at times, but I've been living a great life so far. I was a two sport athlete all through high school and have been playing sports as long as I can remember so it hasn't slowed me down a bit!

I'm on the pump now and have been for a little over five years now, I love it !

I am not always the greatest at managing my Diabetes though because of bad habits, but I'm pretty excited I came across this community because I feel it will help me out with the next huge step of my life, which is dealing with Diabetes like an adult now in the pressures of college living.

Well Welcome young lady!!!! Me. I am not much on the young stuff. LOL I was dx'ed at 52 3 years ago. Just saw your new post and wanted to say "Hi!" you found a good place for us Club 1's. Advice and good people what more could you ask for. Again Welcome to Juvenation!!!!

I'm sure college will pose its own challenges as far as bad habits go - I'm sure you'll have some moments of excellent diabetes care, and some moments when it sits on the back burner, but in the end, it'll all average out.  

Hey there and welcome!

I have to say this website is amazing! I'm glad we have things like internet so we can support each other in times of eed or just to talk to someone that has something similar to one of us. :)

I am new here too!

Like you, I was diagnosed at a young age (age four), so I don't remember much about life before diabetes. College can be a really difficult time for diabetics. It may be the first time you are away from home and your parents for an extended period, so you may be tempted to splurge more often and eat more than you should. Be especially weary of the dorm food. It is packed with carbs and calories.

College can be hard on a diabetic, but it doesn't have to be. Just watch what you eat and stay active and you should be fine!