Hi Everyone!

HI friends! 

I have played 2 shows so far and the tour is going well.  I just wanted to update everyone and say hi!  Keeping my blood sugars in check has been rather difficult.  I have a lot of different foods around me and a really different schedule than I am used to and I am riding in the car a lot!!!  Also I tend to keep my blood sugar a little high when I perform because I fear going low on stage...  Are there any other performers out there who have experience with this stuff?  I am getting ready to upload some new photos on Facebook if you want to check em out. 


Congrats for the beginning of the tour and glad you are doing your best to keep the sugars level as best as possible. The more active and nervesy you get I am sure that will play a role in how your sugars affect you. Hang in there though. I am sure you are doing fine.