Hi everyone

iam type 1 diabetic and wonted to know if anyone knows if cerebral palsy would affect my blood sugars thanks debbie

Hi Deb,

Not really sure, have you asked your doctors?

no i havent but plan to at next visit

Just wanted to tell you welcome to Juvenation!

I'm afraid I don't know anything about diabetes and cerebral palsy. I wouldn't think it would affect diabetes outside of maybe the stress of the disease or new diagnosis. Are you on any medications for it? (I know botox has been used to help treat it). Maybe anything you are taking is having an effect on your diabetes? 

Sorry that's all I can think of. We're here to help when we can! Hopefully there are others on here who may be able to answer your question(s)! Good luck :o)

i take baclofen for muscle spames the cerebral palsy affects my legs only and right now i use a walker thanks for your help your friend debbie