Hi everyone!

I just learned of Juvenation and decided to join after reading some thoughtful threads.

I'm 25 and was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 10½ back in 1995.  I've been on the pump since January 2009.  I used syringes from 1995 to about 2001 and pens until 2009 (I tried the pump briefly back in 2003 but wasn't ready for it then).  My last few A1Cs have all been in the 6 range and have never been higher than 7.8 at any point in my life.

Unfortunately, I learned a couple of weeks ago that I have an underactive thyroid, and I need to talk to my doc tomorrow regarding my latest additional blood results.  I haven't had an underactive thyroid since my teens; back then, it resolved on its own without any treatment.

My mom, older half brother, and maternal grandmother all have type 2.  There is a type 1 somewhere in my maternal line as well, but I think it's a distant cousin.  My paternal side doesn't have anyone with either type 1 or 2 - lucky them!  Pbbt!  :p

Hi Khendra,

Welcome! Congrats on your A1C's...that's pretty good. I have hypothyroid also. Not a big deal tho, you take a synthroid/levothyroxine pill each morning and you're good to go. :)

Glad you've joined us!


Welcom Khendra, I am glad you joined. I believe you will find it helpful for yourself and with your long history will be able to help others.

Welcome, Khendra!  :)

Hi Khendra!  Welcome :)

Hi Khendra, wecome aboard! You seem to be doing very well. I hope that pumping the second time around wil improve your control even more. I have been type 1 fpr 64 years, but I have used a pump only 3 years. i am very healthy. Good genes, I guess.


Welcome Khendra.

Thanks for the warm welcomes, everyone!

Glad you joined, Khendra! Juvenation is pretty much amazing :o)

Wecome Khendra!  So glad you found us!  This is the best place in the world for support and advice!  Great job on your A1C.....I strive to be like you!  Working on it!!!  Mine are around 7.6 right now.....really want to get that down!