Hi from Las Vegas!

Hey everyone.

JUst a quick hello from Vegas here! I am having a blast and can't wait to share what has been going on! It is soooooo Hot. Went to the desert yesterday and thought I was going to drop from the heat. Only 112 outside LOL


I will be back on August 4. See you all then!



hello! i hope you are having a good time!

[quote user="Gina"]Only 112 outside LOL[/quote]

We had 106-109 in my town for three days straight this week! Ugh!

go to the nearest roulette table and put 20$ on red!!!   and goodluck  :)

But it's a dry heat....lol  Except this time of year it can get a little "sticky" from Monsoon season gearing up!  Glad you're having a good time!  Lived there for 10 years!  Go to the Pasta Shop on Tropicana and Eastern... Tell Glenn and David I said Hello!  Not diabetic friendly... but it sure is good!  They make fresh pasta every day and they also make it for a lot of the hotels.  Worth a stop... just take a few more units...hehhe...





Just got back from Vegas myself on the 2nd.  It sure was hot!  Good times though, you can't beat Vegas

Make sure you keep a firm hand on your wallet!  Not a big Vegas fan but hope you're havin' fun.

[quote user="Gina"]

 Only 112 outside LOL


Wow that's hot!!! lol. well kind of anyway. Here it feels like it is 114 ( ok so maybe I exagerated a little) pretty much all the time (except for the fall and winter). Stupid Humidity! Good luck at the slots! Hope ya win a buttload of cash!! lol