Hi I need you Help on Something

Hi, I am a senior in High School and I have had Diabetes for 7 years. I wrote a paper the psychological effects of diabetes becauseI feel it is an issue that most of us deal with in some way or anoter, but is greatly overlooked.....

So I have to do a Senior exit project- basically I had to write a thesis paper for the IB program and then make a product to go with it. My topic was the psychological effect of Juvenile Diabetes on Adolescents. I made a website and I need your help.

I would love it is ya'll went to my site http://diabeticpsychology.wordpress.com
I have to present my product and paper to an audience, and it would be great if you could be part of it. Just go to the site, there are places for discussion and comments. This stuff is really interesting and I really want to know what you all think! Thanks!!

I hope this puts this post up high so people can see it. Everyone should click on the link and see the awesome paper that Hannah wrote for her Senior project. She did a great job!

Thanks Landileigh! I appreciate it! I hope that you found it interesting! and I hope tat everyone else will continue to visit the site!

Great Paper! Let us know your grade!