Hi, I'm new

I got diagnosed on the 11th of July this year. Diabetes is a hard thing to live with and I’m sick of taking shots. Before I had diabetes, I hated to take shots. Who doesn’t? But since then, I’m probably the only person at my school that could take a shot, no sweat. I feel like I’m still learning some of the basics and some of the more serious stuff. I’m hoping to hear other people’s experiences from when they were first diagnosed, and to gain more knowledge about diabetes on this site.

i was also just diagnosed on the second of october so im fairly new at this so if you want to talk or anything just let me know

I was just diagnosed on October 30, 2014. I will admit I am very mature for being 17, but it still freaks me out every day, but then I remember if I want to live I need to take my shots. I have been working at keeping my blood sugars around 80-130, and because of that, my doctor has approved me for a pump. A pump this early? It’s crazy I know, but the more you try to keep yourself healthy and read up on the news with Diabetes, the better it will be and the easier it becomes day by day.