Hi! Looking for some good advice/support :)

Hi everybody, my name is Brandi and I am type 1 diabetic since age 5 and have been for 20 years now. I also have Celiac disease and am 7 weeks pregnant!!! My half sister also has diabetes and kids so I get some good advice from her....but it would be nice to have lots of other people to talk to about pregnancy and diabetes. Any advice or anything you might have would be very appreciative! So far no morning sickness and I'm on a minimed paradigm and CGM and have been for a little over a year. I'm also a teacher so I'm kind of nervous about teaching while being pregnant this year. So hello!! Hope to make some new friends :) :)

Hi Brandi :) I'm Chelsea, I'm 24, been diabetic for 21 years now. I am currently almost 30 weeks along :) It's great you are already on a CGM, I didn't get one until 2nd trimester and I wish I had had it so much sooner because when the insulin sensitivity hit I wasn't feeling my lows until the 40s and 30s (which I guess is fairly common) and the alarm on a CGM would have made me feel a lot safer when I was sleeping!

my cgm and i have a love hate relationship lol. i appreciate what it does but the beeping gets a little annoying sometimes and i find myself yelling at it! :P i just went to the doctor today and had my basal adjusted at night so that i don't have so many highs.

my half sister also has diabetes and she had really bad lows in her pregnancies and had to take many glucogon shots. so what you're saying about not knowing about the lows was exactly what she said.

i'm a little worried tho b/c i'm 7 weeks pregnant and i've gained 8.5 pounds in the last 3 weeks....!!! my doctor said that since i'm taking better care of my blood sugar that's one reason i've gained weight but i'm just a little overwhelmed. i read that in the first trimester women usually gain about 5 pounds.

if you don't mind me asking...how much weight have you gained or are you having anything similar to what i'm going through?

oh....and has the doctor told you that you will deliver early?


I understand you on having a love hate relationship with your CGM...LOL, I do too especially when it is telling me that I am not coming down off of a 182 blood sugar grrrr.  

I am 22 weeks pregnant and have gained 30lbs so far.  I started out weighing in at 147 and I am at 175.  I have cried a lot because before being pregnant I worked so hard to keep my weight in check and in 5 months it all went to hell hahaha.  My endo, OB, and specialist all told me that they would much rather me have great blood sugars than gain the 25lbs throughout my pregnancy (eaiser said than done right).  So I have just surrendered.  All womens bodies are different, they hold onto the weight for different reasons even though we are eating healthy (just more).  It's frustrating but everyone has told me that my good eating and excercising habits are still there and after I give birth I will go back down.  I think when I was 7 weeks pregnant I had gained like 6-7lbs...and it crept up after that rather fast until I was about 15 weeks pregant.  I also read posts about type 1 diabetic women who have gained 50-70lbs in their pregnancies and it came off afterwards just fine (not super fast but it came off) that information helped and let me just focus on my meals and my blood sugars.  Try not to be worried.  

my doctor told me that type 1's usually get induced between 37-39weeks because of the placenta dying.  I am okay with that as long as my little girl is all developed and ready.  Whatever is going to keep us both healthy and safe!

When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter I gained 10 pounds a month for nine months. I was FREAKING out. I was exercising daily, very careful about my diet, and working full time at a job that involved physical labor. I asked my nutritionist, endocrinologist, ob

(I always accidentally post before I’m done . Sorry!) Anyway, no one had an answer for me. I gained slightly less with my second daughter, but it was still like 60 lbs! The weight just melted off very quickly the first time. (faster than my non-diabetic friends) Not so fast with the second.

Don't hate me, lol, but I'm 30 weeks now and have only gained about ten pounds so far, but I was overweight to begin with and I've had hyperemesis (extreme morning sickness) the entire time :(

yes I def have a love/hate relationship with my CGM lol. My doctors told me that they would monitor me closely but as long as everything looks good I'll get to go into labor on my own and try to do it au naturale which is what I really want, I just don't buy into the whole inducing for convience of the doctors or anyone else stuff, so I'm very happy about that. Of course if they have to do it for health reasons such as the placenta dying or whatever else I will be happy to comply, but induction is the LAST thing I want.

I am 29 and was diagnosed with T1D at age 17.

I'm 11 weeks pregnant (first pregnancy), on multiple daily injections, and in the process of getting a CGM. My A1C was 6.9% pre-pregnancy and my doctors were happy with anything under 7.0 (even low 7's they said would be okay for pregnancy).

There was no other preparation that my endo or OB advised me to do. I also have hypothyroidism so I got in touch with my endo as soon as I saw the "+" on the home pregnancy kit. He saw me right away to adjust my synthroid dose, but didn't seem too concerned about changing my diabetes management yet (I test my glucose 8-12 times per day). I was due for my annual eye exam, so I went and did that right away... luckily no damage is present.

I did get in touch with a perinatologist who recommended I do a 24 hour urine protein test (which neither my OB nor endo thought to recommend). I just got a call from my OB who said I do have elevated protein in my urine. This is the first I have heard of this, and she left me a voice message (but tried to be non-alarmist). I have an appointment with her next week so hopefully will learn more. I am kinda worried about my kidneys, and I guess this puts me at higher risk for pre-eclampsia. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Regarding weight gain, so far up approx 1 pound. Luckily I haven't been vomiting but my appetite has been lower than usual due to some nausea. And in terms of delivery, my OB just said we will see closer to my due date. No need to schedule a C-section or induction unless the baby is too big or I am having some other type of complication.

well....there's a reason why I never wrote anybody back on here. i had a m/c 3 days after writing this which fell over my birthday. i noticed a drop of blood on my underwear when i woke up one morning and thought i should probably call my doctor even though i thought nothing was wrong...well they had me come in immediately and told me that i was most likely going to miscarry that day or over the weekend. they were right and i started very heavy bleeding for three days, went back to the doctor after that had another ultrasound and everything was gone. i was told that it was an abnormal pregnancy and that it was wrong from the very beginning and there was nothing i did wrong....

but....i am pregnant again! i never had my period after the miscarriage and guess that i got pregnant immediately after the miscarriage. we did not mean for that to happen bc our doctor wanted me to wait until 1 normal period. i'm going to my first ultrasound tomorrow and to meet my doctor who specializes in diabetic pregnancies.

i am very nervous and hope that everything is ok!

heartburn is killing me, nausea hits me out of no where, and my belly is already poking out and i'm gaining weight quick again. i can't be more than 8 weeks pregnant....or at least that's what i think....

Hi Brandi,

Congrats!  How are you finding your pregnancy so far while you are teaching?  I am a teacher, too.  So far, it hasn't been easy...

Take care,