Hi... The start of a new life "style" for me!

Hi! My name is Rachel... I was just diagnosed as type 1 at 29 years of age. It has been a whirl wind, and things have changed so fast. I think it is so crazy how you can go to bed one night and essentially wake up one morning with your life completely changed. I am here to learn as much as I can! I am ready to take this on, and not let it control my life!! Hi Everyone! :)

Hi Rachel!  Welcome!  I'm sorry you have to join our club but Juvenation is a great place to be to ask questions, vent, answer questions, etc.  Your mentality is great and I'm sure you won't let it control your life.  It takes some getting used to and everyone has their bad days, but we'll always be here to listen (read?)

Welcome Rachel and Im sorry you had to join us but we are glad you are here! If you need anything, support, advice, a shoulder to lean on, or just want to talk Im here for ya! And Im sure I speak for us all!

Welcome Rachel ! 

Thanks everyone! I am glad I found this site, it seems like it is a great source of support and information!


Hey, Welcome to the forums. Though it does kinda suck to say it but hey keep a positive attitude on life and enjoy it while you have it. Like everyone else has said If you need help just ask, and questions just ask. We all need support especially when first diagnosed. Also creating a blog could help others around you see what your life is like now. (not saying you have to do it but it does help)


Anyway keep Believing.