Hi There! Just looking for some support!

HI! My 9 yo son was just diagnosed Monday and I was looking for some support and people in the "know"! Hopefully I will be able to draw from others who have gone before me! It is really scary and overwhelming right now as we are still adjusting to being home from the hospital! I appreciate all the advice I can get! Great to meet everyone!

Nice to meet you! We are very happy to have you here with us.

Welcome! Great to meet you. Here for ya.


Glad to you found us - I find I don't really know enough to offer much advice but I can promise you that if I can make it over 28 years with this wacky disease without any complications - it's possible it can happen to anyone.  When you're newly diagnosed, you will find a lot of people who (I think to let you know they realize how serious the illness can be) will share every horror story they've ever heard or witnessed that relates to Type 1, Type 2, completely fictional, diabetes.  Don't panic - their reaction is normal and the horrific picture they paint is NOT your destiny.  :)

There are a lot of really smart folks around here with excellent information and resources so when you find something you want to know, want to know more about or need ideas on an approach you will very likely get plenty of good input.

Welcome to Juvenation and I'll look forward to seeing ya' around the posts!



The nest few months there will be a lot to learn. It will likely get easier for a while too when the honeymoon kicks in. We really learned a lot from the book Think Like a Pancreas.

My daughter was diagnosed last year at the age of 9. There can be some good things that come from this. You might have  closer relationship with your child but on the other hand your house might get a bit messy. Being a pancreas can cut into time for other things for a while.

Thanks everyone! Think this is going to be a great support system for me and my son! Thank you for the kind words and advice! I need all the help I can get!