Hi there, looking for diabetes friends!

Hey, my name is Katie and I have type 1 diabetes. I had hereditary pancreatitis when I was 9 and again when I was 16, I had two suurgeries on my pancreas but they were unable to save it and I was in extreme pain. I had my pancreas completely removed along with my spleen and gallbladder on July 14, 2002. I was put on a minimed pump in oct of 2002, and I’m now on a omnipod pump and a dexcom CGMS. I’m also on a waiting list for a diabetic alert dog. I worked as a paramedic for 4 years which really made my take care of myself better. I saw far to many people that didn’t take care of their diabetes. I have been married for 5 years and I stay at home with my two amazing children! I hope to find some friends that have to put up with all this stuff in their lives too. I feel somewhat alone diabetes wise.

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Hi, Katie. You're not alone! Can't say I've had surgery on my pancreas, but I have had a few surgeries elsewhere. I was diagnosed with Type 1 in September 2004. I actually used the OmniPod for several months before switching to the Minimed.

welcome to both of you :o)

welcome, katieann! happy to have you here.

i mean, not happy about the reason, but you know what i mean... ;)

Thanks everybody, So nice to know Im not alone!

Jessica I see your in KC I lived in Overland park, then olathe till I was 13!

cool! it's a small world. :)

Katie, I know how you feel about feeling alone with diabetes. Not many of my friends understand how difficult it can be sometimes.

Seems like this is a great place to meet people!

Hey there Katie!
I’m new to this website but also looking for other diabetic friends! would love to connect with you girl! :slight_smile:

Hey all I’m new to the site not to diabetics I’ve I had type 1 for 20 years now

Hey I’m Alex I can be your diabetic friend lol