Hi there

Any teenagers or girls here with t1d please write down your sc account I would live to connect with you and learn more about this community! Would love to create a sc group for all t1d young teens to connect

Hi Mariam @Lost1d!
I’m years old and I’ve had T1D since I was 7. I’ve created a few different group chats for teens with T1 to chat and find support; I would love to add you to one!
Please pm me if you’d like to exchange contact info :slight_smile:

Hi how are you? I got added to a diabuddies sc group is that the one you are talking about? If there’s another one I would love to join it​:heart::blush::pray:

Hi! I’m a teenager and a freshman in highschool this year.
My email is bqpower12@gmail.com
and my youtube channel is Virginia Eve
Love this idea you have!

Oh wow! Nice to meet you , I will definitely sub to you​:heart::blush:

Hi! I’m Morgan. I’m 16 and was diagnosed last July! I just started an instagram the other day in hopes to find other teens with t1d. It’s @cymorg2019

Hi Morgan @Cymorg2019! I’m Abby; I’m 17 years old and I’ve had T1D since I was 7. Welcome to TypeOneNation!! This is a great place for people with T1D to connect, ask questions, and share advice. I’m so glad you’re here!
I’d love to chat more with you–feel free to pm me if you want to exchange contact info!