Hi this is personal & a little bit embaressing but i hope someone can help

hi well i was diagnosed with type 1 in march after i had a dka & um a mnth into taking my insulin my period started coming less and less & now its stoped completly i know for a fact im not pregnat so should i worry? is this normal? i take two insulins lantus & novlog..can someone please help im a little embarressed but i thought maybe im not the only one that this has happend to thanks.

im sorry i posted it to the wrong thing its not an insurance issue sorry

There is a just for women group where you could get this question answered by other women who may have this problem too. 

I've never heard of this specifically, but I wouldn't be surprised. People seem to post on here about all sort of crazy things that happen to their bodies as they adjust to T1 and get their sugars under control, unfortunately. I'd ask your endo just in case it's something else.

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The year that I got diagnosed in Aug., I had stopped having my cycle in May and probably became regular again in Oct../Nov..   Your body has  gone through a lot of changes with the high blood sugar that you experienced, but a year seems like a long time to still be irregular.  I would just set up a physical so you can hopefully get some answers.