My name is Brittany byrd and I have a 22month old that was diagnosed on nov 13 we are still in the hospital and very stressed.

hello BrittanyByrd,  I am glad you found us!  The first bit, when you are trying to learn and you see there is so much to take care of this - can be with worst.  Hope you are getting the support you need.  Please also reach out to your JDRF local chapter (you can locate them on the JDRF website).   jdrf.org/.../newly-diagnosed

there's a bunch of us here taking care of kids, and I am sure you will get many people talk through their experiences.  

there's another bunch who have had type 1 diabetes a long time (I am in this group, diagnosed in the 70's) and so if you have questions please feel free to ask.

Hi Brittany,

Welcome to the community! Joe gave you some great advice! Something you can also use is the JDRF Chapter Locator t1n-migration.10uplabs.com/.../jdrf_chapter_lookup.aspx by putting in your zip code you can find a JDRF chapter close to your area. It is a great way to get involved and meet other people! We have a parents forum t1n-migration.10uplabs.com/.../131.aspx (which I see you have already started posting in!) as well as a parents group t1n-migration.10uplabs.com/.../default.aspx and a parents support group t1n-migration.10uplabs.com/.../default.aspx

If you need any additional help on the website feel free to inbox me through my profile page anytime!!


I'm guessing you're home now and hope things are going okay as you transition into taking care of your child on your own.

There is so much diabetes information.  The basics are if blood sugar is low to give extra sugar (the small size juice boxes are usually a good choice) and to take extra insulin, with your doctor's instruction, if blood sugar is high.  You'll learn the rest as you go.

To help your friends and family get a quick overview of diabetes see the Pink Panther Diabetes Book published by the Barbara Davis Center for Chilhood Diabetes.  You can view it free on this link.  www.ucdenver.edu/.../UnderstandingDiabetes.aspx

I was diagnosed at age 4 and am 40 now.  I am married and have a non-diabetic son and a busy job.  No complications and I expect to live a long and healthy life.  Your child still has a good life ahead of him or her.  It's just going to be different with diabetes.