i just got diagnosed with diabetes type 1...can u guys help me and give me info of what to do and comfort me a little...i thank god that it wasnt something more but i still get kinda scared so pleeze give me answers..

hey! its not that bad. you just have to get used to the shots. and you should try the pump as soon as you can. it is wonderful

Hi Katelyn:

I was 12 when I was diagnosed, and now I'm 41, so I've been living with type 1 for almost 30 years. Keep your head up and try to remember that you can still do everything that you want to do, you'll just have to take shots (or wear a pump) while doing those things.

And if you ever have any questions at all, just post them here.  We've all got so much combined experience with T1 that someone's bound to know (or have) the answers for you!


Hi Katelyn -

First off - welcome to the club!  Now I'm sure it's not the best club to be in but you will have a lot of support out here so continue to come and share your feelings and frustrations - it will help. 

Secondly - do your best to remember to relax and breathe.  This is not the end - it's the beginning.  At first you will be bombarded with information.  Do your best to remember but don't kick yourself if you don't. 

My advice would be to make sure you learn the basics.  Learn how to carb count, learn to master giving a shot.  Be aware with what you are feeling because those are key clues for you as to whether your blood sugar is high or low.  Many of us will have the same clues but some will be different.  I can usually tell my lows from being shaky.  I can tell I'm high if I have heartburn, a headache or if I'm irritated if the wind blows (LOL).  Those are just mine.  Give yourself the time to learn it all.   I agree with Courtenay that you should check out pump options, however (and no offense Courtenay as this is just my personal opinon) I think you should wait a bit.  I think you should get injections down pat, get experienced with carb counting and get familiar with all the nuances of the disease.  Once you feel like you might be a little comfortable then check out the pump.  I was on injections for years before using a pump and I'm glad I was because it's the basics of care.

I have no doubt the over the next few days, weeks and months you will be frustrated and sad and angry.  You will probably ask yourself a million times 'why me?'.   I've had it 31 years now - others on here much longer than I.  I would guess that there are days when we still ask that question.   Remember that you are not alone in this and you can come here to vent and rant or whatever.  Hang in there - it will be okay.  I would guess that you will find many friends out here.  There are a lot of girls your age here - I would suggest seeking some of them out to help you feel less alone - you'll be glad you did.  In the mean time, remember to breathe - life is not over - it's just starting.   Be well! 

i was diagnosed 4 months ago so i know how you feel..

i still get scared too, especially when i go low but don't worry the feeling of being scared will go away soon

try to go on the pump soon i just started on it three days ago and it already has made my life SOOOO much easier. i feel a lot like more like myself again (before i got diabetes)

if you haven't already go to the jdrf website and look up the bag of hope.. you get it if you have been d-xed within 90 days and they have someone in your community who has diabetes bring it over.. i made new friends that are a lot younger than me but know what i'm going through

last thing- go to diabetes camp next summer if yu can find one near you. it helped me a lot and everyone else i know has been helped by it too :)

Thank you...i do have a question.how can u get a insulin pump...do u just get it or do u have to get it like a year after ure diagnosis

[quote user="katelyn vallecillo"]

Thank you...i do have a question.how can u get a insulin pump...do u just get it or do u have to get it like a year after ure diagnosis


I'm glad you're on juvenation -- the people here are great and know what you're going through! Just take it day by day as you try to learn everything about D. Don't expect to be perfect! Just do your best.

I think when you get a pump depends on your dr. and your own and your parents' comfort level. But, about a year sounds reasonable from what I've heard. Your dr. would have to prescribe it, so s/he'll discuss it with you.

can u pleeze tell me when im suppose to check my blood sugar...i didscussed it with my doctor but i need to double check

ive been checkin my blood sugar before and after my meals and then at bedtime and at 2 am...thats about 8 times and i dont think thats right

When and how often you check your blood sugar is set up by your doctor. Checking before and about two hours after your meals is right. I check my blood sugar about 8 times a day also.

There is no set time when you are "supposed" to check your blood sugar. It very's from person to person. Some days you might need to check it more often because you are high or you are low. It can also depend on what kind of food you eat. Pizza and Pasta can have a different effect on your Blood sugar, in alot of people the take longer to be asbored into your body so it might take 3 hours instead of two hours for your blood sugar to spike after you eat.

Don't get overwhelmed, Diabetes can be very hard, but it can also be very easy if you take good care of yourself!



it depends on your doctor

mine was like "you may want to wait, but it's not up to me, it's up to you" and i waited until my honeymoon period was over and got it.. so it took 4 months from being diagnosed

some people i know had to wait a year for insurance so it all depends

Hi Katelyn,

It takes time for anyone to accept that they have this lifelong disease. I was in rejection when I was diagnosed at the age of 7. Family and friends support plays a crutial role at this point, which unfornately, i could not get. You will get used to it.


You can probably try reading the book - 10 Steps to Better Living with Diabetes;  written by Ginger kanzer Lewis. I just love the book! It provides really good education material.