Well, i don't know where to create this topic, so I decided to put it in Misc.

My name is Juan Manuel, I'm from Argentina, i'm 22 years old and I became a diabetic type 1 person when I was 3.

I wanna know people around the globe with the same "sweet problem" to chat about this, and to chat about other stuf that I love!

I don't know what can I add... just ask! Sorry about my english level lol.



JuanMa (or Ju)

Welcome Ju,

  Your English is good I can't even here a accent. Just kidding LOL So here goes I am also type 1 about a year and a half  and I was 52. I live in the USA

Again Welcome

Welcome! I have always wanted to go to Argentina. Where do you live?

Hola amigo.

My wife is from Chile and we did a big trip throughout Chile and Argentina a while back..beautiful countries, particularly the south around Torres del Paine. The meat and vino tinto in Mendoza was great.

I am from Sydney Australia, 28yrs and was diagnised as a T1D July 09, getting hooked up to pump on 1 Feb 10.

This is a good site with people from all over the place.


welcome to the site :o) hope you find the support you're looking for

Welcome! There are some cool people, and it’s interesting to learn how others cope with diabetes.:slight_smile: I’m Marleah and I’ve had diabetes since I was eight, I think.

I live in Buenos Aires, Capital Federal! Pure noise!!!!

hahahaha yes, the vino tinto from Mendoza is good (with an Asado, much better!)

Thanks Austen!

my best friend lives in argentina :) (i go to a boarding school)