Just wanted to introduce myself :slight_smile: my name is Ofri and I have T1D for about 10 years now.
I never really took part in camps or groups related to T1D in the past, or had too many close friends with T1D who can relate, so I thought I’d give it a go and see what happens :slight_smile:

Welcome! Ask questions and you will find friends!!

Hi @Ofrymattan!

Welcome to the site! We are all here for each other day or night, and go through all of our ups and downs together. So feel free to chime in wherever you see fit! If you have any questions around “town” let me know and send a message over @gina! Looking forward to learning more about you!

Hi Ofry,
We’re here to support and sometimes just to share or have a laugh, so let us know how things have been going for you!

Hi Ofri, welcome. I hardly knew anyone else with T1d before these sites. Hope you find some fellowship here.

Hi I just joined this group too. Should have done it years ago. I was diagnosed February 7 1988. I’m the one in 7 million that got gestational diabetes then t1d 1 month later! Hospitalized then with keacidosis. Looking forward to sharing the good and the bad with other type 1’s. Had this a long time!