I have been part of two other sites, but most folks there were type 2, so I felt a little out of the loop. They were all very nice people, but I’m interested to see how it is with other T1’s. I had adult onset T1 in 1990, but I have done pretty well with MDI and frequent testing (10X a day). My main issues are around severe insulin reactions, which give me no warning.
How does this site operate? Is there a thread where folks check in with FBG?

hello @PippaPeach,

this site has a large active forum where people can comment, blog, or ask questions. Groups are a way of organizing topics into “common interest” areas. The site has some resources (see the top - Resources-events tabs) so there is some information and other sources of help right here. The site is run by the JDRF, an organization that funds and manages research for Type 1 diabetes.

Most people here are Type 1, or are parents or guardians of someone who is type 1, so you are def not alone.

People who comment on posts are here to help, most of us are not professionals (health care) but with 37 years t1, I have more experience than my endo does in treating type 1. so go ahead and ask or comment or blog, and you can get feedback if you want to.

loss of hypo awareness is tough. from what I have heard, more testing, diet changes including adding more mixed (slow absorbing) carbs can help. Purposely running your blood sugar into the 130’s (mg/dl) can sometimes help, and when it doesn’t or if your running dangerously low with no symptoms - a CGM with an alarm or a alert service dog have helped some others here. I suggest you talk about it at your next doctor appointment and if you don’t have one, try to see a specialist like an endocrinologist.

anyway hope you are well and I hope you like and use this site. I may be a dummy, but I have no idea what a FBG is?



Dear Joe,
Well, you are a prince of a fellow. Thanks for listening/hearing me, and responding so thoroughly. FBG just means fasting blood glucose, a big topic for other sites, but mine is usually in the 30-40 range which seems very low to type 2 people…and yes, it is low. After breakfast and insulin it goes right up to “normal” (70=90) and I carry on, waiting for my next low. I work out in the garden, lots of digging weeds in this hot central California climate, and come in to test my blood every hour. That works pretty well.
When I have adjusted my Lantus down, my morning blood sugar is way too high, so I don’t play with it. Instead I try to eat high fiber snacks in sufficient amount to get me through the night. Other lows happen at random times, and I try to figure out why…sometimes it seems like maybe I didn’t eat enough, but usually I just don’t know. I know a CGM would help a lot, but I’m on Medicare, and I can’t afford it and they won’t pay for it.
I’ve had T1 since 1990, and I’m actually healthy aside from that. I really appreciate your taking the time to say hi. Thanks!


Hi Pippapeach!

I know it’s a year later, but if you’re still around, 30 - 40 is waaay too low for a fasting BG. You need to adjust your insulin doses - talk with your endo ASAP. Eating a snack with both carbs & protein before bed might help a little too.