Just wanted to say hello & introduce myself!

I'm Mom to Payton, a precious 11 yr. old boy diagnosed March 2008. We've had a lost of struggles during the first year. I'm so glad to have  found this site, & look forward to getting to know, & share with people. :-)

Hello there! I just found this site 2 days ago and it is so great to not feel so alone with the struggles of T1 diabetes.  I'm Mom to an amazing 9 year old boy and he was diagnosed 3 years ago.  The first year was so hard! But, it really does get easier. I am amazed every day at how well my son handles it all.  Does Payton pump or inject?


I only found this site a little over a week ago and I have been helped tremendously!!!  I have a daughter, Destiny, with Type 1.  She was diagnosed in May 08 at the age of 4.  We are about to celebrate 1 year of diabetes and we have definatley had some ups and downs.

Hi Jana,

My son Jeff, is 9, diagnosed October 08. We are still in our 1st year, and yes, lots of struggles! Thanks for sharing:) I have two teenage girls also, ages 15 and 17, and it's hard for them too, because I am so absorbed in Jeff's care.


My Daughter Taylor was diagnosed in July 2000 she was 15 months old.  She was put on a pump at 4 years old and now has a cgm.  There are a lot of ups and downs but it is amazing at how tough these children are.  It is does affect the whole family.