Hiding pump tubing

Hello guys! So my daughter has the Tandem x2 23in tubing, she wants to start using her clip, but I can’t seem to figure out a way to hide most of the tubing. Any ideas? Tricks?

I’ll either put my pump in the pocket and or clip my pump to my waistband or the little pocket inside the big pocket (I don’t know what is called but I’ve found a use for it!) and stuff the tubing in. Depending on what I’m doing or wearing I might put my pump in my cleavage. Either an oversized shirt usually hides it but that’s not always possible.

Awesome! Thank you so much!

Sure thing. I just checked out another option: I wrapped my tubing around the waist- and legband of my underwear - experiment with how many times are comfortable and allow her to move her pump easily. Most of the tubing is under the clothing and you’ll only see the little bit that goes to the pocket.
No pics this time for modesty’s sake😊.

One more possibility: A waist pack with a hole for the tubing. You can put the pump and tubing inside the pouch, and wear the whole thing under your shirt.

I just do what Dorrie said, myself. I have the cannula in my leg, the tubing inside my pants, the pump clipped to my belt or inside my pocket, and my shirt over it.

(As for the little inner pocket, I’d thought it was designed to hold coins, but I went to Google to double check. While many have used it for coin storage, it’s called a watch pocket because it was actually originally designed for pocket watches.

Which makes sense. We’re used to thinking of jeans as a late 20th century innovation, but they were originally created as cheap durable overalls for the glut of would-be prospectors who went sloshing around in the mud panning for gold in the 1849 California gold rush. Some formal men’s slacks have a similar pocket for the same purpose, whereas the folded “vents” in a tuxedo cummerbund are actually designed to hold theater tickets.)

Thank you for the education on fashion - I always wondered about that little pocket. I had no idea some formal slacks might have one as well - but then I don’t typically look too much at that general area of men’s slacks😉. And the cummerbund - who knew? I’m glad you’re on the forum - you’re a wealth of information about all sorts of things!

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