Hiding the pump

I am very interested in getting a pump so I can better manage my diabetes.  Being a teenager, my biggest concern is concealing it.  I know there are things you can buy which help conceal it but I am still worried about appearing different.  I like the idea of the Omnipod but I am worried it will be too noticable.  Any ideas?

Hey jesicaa,

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I like the idea of the Omnipod but I am worried it will be too noticable.  Any ideas?


That's what I was worried about also. So I got a minimed paradigm 722 with the traditional tubing. I am a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of person, so I just stick my pump in the front pocket of my jeans. Or, if I am wearing athletic shorts that don't have pockets, I use the clip to clip my pump to the waistband. Usually a loose t-shirt covers it, but I don't wear tight shirts with atletic shorts anyway.

Hope this helps!


What about when your swimming?

Hi Jessica,

  Just read your question...and if you are swimming you would unplug your pump and not wear it....then when you got out and put it back on, you could just throw a pair of shorts over your swimsuit and put it in the pocket

When you detatch the pump is it still visable?

I just leave it on my belt. I have a MiniMed (Medtronic) with a skin on it. People usually have no idea what it is and hardly ever ask. Going through security at the airport has been fine since most TSA agents know what they are now.

When swimming/showering/etc I just detach and go. They only thing that is seen (at least on me) is the infusion set that pokes out from me (that and the shaved area where the set is...I am a hairy guy so I have to shave before I put in a set).

When I was a teen, I found there were very many ways to hide the pump. A pocket, and different cases were always good. Take a look at Unique Pump accessories. They have tons of different cases that let you carry/coneal the pump if you want.

Good luck on getting a pump, believe me, after being on one for over 13 years (and being diabetic for 20) it will be the best decision you will ever make.

The pump isn't visible when you swim unless your site is in your stomach and you are wearing a bikini. If it is in your butt, then people won't notice. You disconnect while swimming, which just involves a twist at the site. The tiny tube stays in you, but the large tube along with your pump comes off.

I never thought of the butt haha. thanks = )

hey jesica

I just starting pumping a week ago tomorrow.. and I, too, was worried about the pump being visible. But if I'm wearing jeans I just put it in my front pocket, most think it's a cellphone. I'm not too worried about it anyway.

Also I know that with the Omnipod, you can get a trial pod with saline. This way you can test it out and decide if you like it. I think, but not positive, you can do this with other pumps too.

Talk to your doctor/nurse. They should be able to help you with that.

That was my biggest concern when I was thinking about getting a pump. I've had a pump for a few years now and love it. When I wear pants with pockets I generally put it in the back and tuck in the tubing and no one notices. Lots of times people think its an mp3 player or a cell phone. I love telling people about it because they always think it is SOOO cool. No one ever says bad things about it. When my pants don't happen to have any pockets I tuck it in my bra. I know that sounds silly but I have tried all the clips and they break too often and this just works sooo much better. I was so worried about standing out and being embarrassed by the pump but it really isn't embarrassing like I said people that ask are really interested in it and thinks its the coolest thing ever. Don't worry about what people think any ways make the choice to better your own health.

The pump normally hides itself, unless you wear it clipped to your belt in an obvious sense and leave all your tubing hanging from your pocket, if you go with the animas or minimed. I usually keep my pump tucked into the pants pocket be they jeans, shorts, etc. Most people do not notice a thing, only when the tubing sneaks out someone might notice. It is a very thin tubing so unless you are looking you normally do not see the connection. When I run or workout i tend to reverse the clip so the pump is on the inside of the waistband that way it is tied tighter to me so I do not need to worry about it jumping from my waistband.

As for being seen, again most people will not notice, I have the Minimed 722 pump. The other day, was the first time one of my close friends even noticed the tubing from my pocket as more tubing than normal had escaped. So the only time people will notice the pump really is when you are playing with it, but that will be the same for any pump you use.

The omnipod is a self contained unit, so there is no tubing. Most people seem happy with it, but if you tend to wear tight clothing or shirts it will be more obvious to see as it will be a bulge under your shirt. This is where the the trial would tell you what you want.

The only problem is one that I had very rarely. Wearing sexy dresses. the pump would be too heavy to wear on my underwear so I'd either have a pump guarder I made or stick it in my pantie-hose, you will notice the lump but NO one else will. It will feel awckward at first, but once you get on the move out dancing, partying or whatever you do, no one will notice the pump, not even you.

  I like having my pump out where I can grab it at anytime so I tend to accessorize with cool belts and just wear my pump out and proud. I get lots of compliments on the way my shorter dresses lift because I let the long tubing ride out from under the dress and stick it on my belt. This way near clear tubing pulls up on the dress ever so slightly giving it a wavy body! Personally I think that this is very cool looking as do my friends and bf. This way if anyone does notice and asks you about the thing you are wearing you know two things- 1) They were checking you out. 2) who cares,,, they were checking you out. Just tell em it is your pager, your pump, your new MP3 player and change the topic.

Lol... That response is out of my league to leave any comment or agreement/disagreement on.

I've been on the pump for 6 months now and I love it.  I was worried about concealing it, too - but have found that it is much easier than I expected.  I usually tuck it in a pants pocket or sometimes in my bra.  Sometimes I even tuck it on the inside of my pants at the waist line if I don't want the bulk sticking out of my pocket if I'm wearing a closer fitting shirt or something.  I really don't like using the clips and straps that it came with because they are too bulky.  I'm glad I didn't get the omnipod because I think it would have stuck out too much from under my clothes.  I have the medtronic minimed and find it's small size very easy to conceal.  You get used to having it on and it really makes like so much more easier than carrying shots around everywhere! 

I have a question... a few people have mentioned putting their pumps in their bras.  I've tried it but it always looks weird to me.  Where exactly do you put it, in the front middle, side, back?  Just curious as if I could figure out how to conceal it in my bra it might be good.  Thanks!


How I always hid mine was to buy a small, plain black phone case with a clip on it and then I would buy little jeweled stickers and decorate it up real cute.

Josie-- what I always did when I put it in my bra was keep it in the clip, but turn it around backwards so that the clip was facing out and the front of the pump was facing me. I was always able to tell that it was there, but no one else ever could. That especially works when u wear a dress!