High after swimming

ok, this happened a while ago but...

i went swimming. i was doing fliips in the water and laying on the botom at 5and a half feet under...

then when i got out i tested. my meter read HI. I COULDNT BELIVE IT! the plan was that after swimming to go get slurpees. my aint said maybe you shouldnt have one. im like whatever and got a slurpee.

now, i knew that with a high blood sugar a slurpee would probably cost me a visit to the hospital because one of my teachers said she had a friend who found out she had type 1 around my age. she found out by drinking a slurpee then going unconcious!

but when i got to my aunts house, i washed my hands really good then tested.


i can only come up with one theory, but I have no idea if it is actually plausible...

Maybe when you were doing the flips in the water, your body found that stressful and, with most T1Ds, stress makes blood sugars rise.  Hence, the high BG right after.  When you tested later, your body was more relaxed, no stress, so your BG came back down.  Of course, it was still a little on the high side, but the slurpee would explain that!

i dont think thats ehat happened. when i tested aand it said 8.4, that was probably 20 minutes after it had siad high. that would be a significant drop!